Can't I just have the peel done and use my own products? Can I have fractional resurfacing if I have never had any treatments before? These are some common questions that we get asked when it comes to having a skin treatment done.

Any ethical and well educated skin or dermal therapist knows the reasons why skin prep is so important. Prepping the skin is not about pushing you products or trying to get the sale, its about ensuring that your skin is in a healthy condition to be able to perform the treatment or procedure and minimise any potential risks that could occur. Not only will prepping minimise the risks and excessive downtime, it will enhance your results. If we are treating pigmentation with deep peels and lasers, it is essential for you to be on products that contain pigment inhibitors to prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from happening post treatment. 

We generally suggest prepping the skin 2 weeks prior (can be longer for darker fitzpatrick skins) to advanced treatments to ensure safety and to get the skin into a healthy state.

Some peels we perform in clinic can not be performed without using the brands products as they scientifically and chemically work together to achieve the desired results. 

We will always work in with our clients and assess what products are being used at home. Its great to even bring your products from home along to your consultations so as our skin therapists can analyse the ingredients and see how its working within your skin. Skin prep is essential for certain procedures and its also how we can be in control of getting you the true results you have come to us hoping for. At The Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we will never sell you products you do not need and only what is required to fulfil your ultimate skin care goals.