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Cosmelan Depigmentation Procedure

Cosmelan® is a 2 step intensive topical treatment system designed to reduce and eliminate skin discolouration and hyper pigmentation. Cosmelan®’s blend of synergistic ingredients result in removal of undesirable pigment.

What you need to know

Who is it suitable for?

Cosmelan Depigmentation Procedure is suitable for any individuals concerned with melasma or severe photo damaged skin.

How does it work?

The treatment is a slow drip feed of ingredients over 10-12 hours into the deeper layers of the skin where the pigmentation is formed resulting in a dramatic reduction of superficial and deeper pigmentation.

How soon will see results?

Results can be seen in as little as a week however best results will be 4 weeks post treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment is a once off treatment that effectively removes the pigmentation. Melasma is a hormonally driven skin condition so appropriate maintenance is required on going.

Does the treatment hurt?

No, the treatment is not painful at all however mild discomfort can be felt due to the dryness and inflammation post 24-48 hours treatment.



+ In Clinic Treatment + 1x LED treatment

+ Prep & Post Products + All in clinic care appointments + stem cell treatment


Upon removal of the depigmentation mask, the skin will feel like it is sunburnt and will appear very red. Severe redness will last 7 days post-treatment and will progressively reduce over the course of 2-6 weeks. Swelling may also be present for 3-5 days. Skin tightness, dryness and peeling will be present for 2 weeks.

Advanced peeling will occur within the first 10 days with the majority of the superficial pigmentation being removed, weeks 2 to 4 will still experience dryness and potentially mild flaking. This program takes place over the course of 3 months and although the most significant difference will be seen in 2 weeks you can expect the pigment to progressively reduce and lighten over the 3 month period.

Pre & Post Care

A consultation is mandatory prior to cosmelan/dermamelan to determine the type and depth of pigment present. This treatment requires the skin to be prepped for 3 weeks minimum using the brightening peel booster for 2weeks prior to the light peel performed in clinic. The light peel is performed 1 week prior to the procedure. All pre and post-care products and treatments are included in the total cost of the package to ensure optimal healing and results.

Our Results

1 Cosmelan Depigementation Procedure combined with home care.

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