Kristy McInnes

"I just HAD to share this transformation, I could not be more greatful of the guidance and extensive knowledge of the amazing ladies at The Aesthetic Skin Clinic! I have been going to the clinic for probably just over a year now and not only is it an amazing experience every single time you are there, the quality of the treatments it top notch!  A friend recommended the The Aesthetic Skin Clinic for laser which I absolutely LOVE! The reduction of hair is absolutely amazing! I have very dark hair and I cannot remember the last time I actually had to shave my underarms with the exception of before a treatment, it is truely magic! As the ladies are so lovely and welcoming it was then I opened up about my skin concerns during a laser consultation. I was extreamly embarrassed about my skin at the time as well as so confused as I had never had such tempromental skin before. The advise that I was given by Tanelle was extreamly comforting, the one key thing I will never forget is to be patient and be consistent!  I am now a lot more confident, and it is only getting better and better, I was recommended to use the DMK products which I absolutely love. I am currently having dermasweeps with the amazing Renee, she is full of knowledge and her attention to detail is amazing! The Aesthetic Skin Clinic is everything, all staff are professional, knowledgeable, welcoming. The Clinic is absolutely gorgeous, and the attention to detail and quality of treatments is next level, not to mention they are affordable!! I just want to say a massive THANK YOU! Thank you so so much! 

Georgie Finch

".My sister and I have been going to the aesthetic skin clinic since they opened for laser hair removal, and have always been more then happy with how friendly, professional and amazing at their job each and every girl is! The clinic itself is stunning, the treatment is of the highest quality and gives you so much more confidence in your own skin and the girls make you feel very comfortable . I live an hour away and wouldn’t go anywhere else, well worth the drive and I recommend TASC to anyone thinking about getting laser!".

Albany Flanagan

"I’d never had any treatment done to my skin before and was quite lost as to where to start with a skin routine or care. I walked in with no pre-conceptions and filled out my questionnaire, my technician read and talked through it with me highlighting any issues for me with my skin and where I wanted to improve. Even before the treatment this clarified allot for me. The rooms were clean and professional and the technician made me feel comfortable as I often wear makeup to hide my imperfections and blemishes. I had a microdermabrasion done and it was extremely beneficial my skin afterwards was soft and dewy and radiant. An end result that the technician gave me recommendation for products that would naturally rebalance my skin and re-create the same effect in time. I walked out confident in a healthy skin care routine and my skin feeling like nothing before. Thankyou so much!! ".

Kristy Lazic

"I have been attending the clinic for nearly one year and in that time have experienced significant change in my skin and the way I feel about my skin.
The results have transformed me from feeling I need to wear make up every day to hide my skin to days where I find that just some mineral powder will do.
I look forward to my monthly visits, where the staff are friendly and always professional".

Natalie Briskoski

"I have been a client for about a year now and i must say it has been the best decision for me to have switched to your clinic. I originally came in for laser hair removal, i had very irritated armpits (and discolouration) from shaving and since treatment i no longer suffer irritation. I was also very attracted to the cooling system you have with laser. I have not seen that in any other clinics i was enquiring. I heard about your clinic via social media and i am so happy that i am a client here. I have been very well looked after throughout my journey, originally welcomed by Lauren. I was so pleased with my laser results so i decided to enquire about skin treatments. I have long sufferred with blackheads and breakouts and i was highly recommended DMK skincare and my skin is so much clearer, brighter and i actually feel that the products are worth every cent, i can see the difference. One Dermapen treatment made my pigmentation disappear in a matter of weeks, i was beyond happy with that result. I did feel a little lost since Lauren left as i always booked with her and i felt she knew me well, however since her leaving, i have still been well looked after having treatments with you Maddison and Renee. You have both provided me with guidance and advice that has been great. Maddison i feel confident that my skin will only get better with your advice of trying something new and Renee went above and beyond in making sure my laser experience was pleasant and i appreciate it. The one thing about your clinic is its always crazy but i have phoned up many times for advice, purchases and appointments and each time i have been assisted and had my phonecalls returned as promised and that makes me feel very valued and the professionalism shines through. That makes me feel confident within your clinic and all the work that you do. I follow you on social media, also a great way to keep up to date with specials and what is going on in general. Yet another thing i love, the constant special offerrings make your clinic affordable and i admit have become very addicted. I love you guys and all your work. I love DMK products and I have never had a bad experience within the clinic and it is about i time that i praised your business. I do want you all to know how amazing you are. I am always bragging about your clinic and services. Thanks for being awesome".

Bec Connelly

"Having been a skin therapist for 13 years, I was quite nervous to trust someone with my skin for laser. The moment I walked through the door I felt instantly at ease. The girls are so welcoming, knowledgeable and super skilled at what they do. Lauren made me feel very comfortable, explained everything and allowed me to ask questions. The salon is beautiful, professional and clean. I look forward to going back for my next visit. Thanks guys - I mean every word ".

Pip Diery

"I am finally seeing results and achieving my goal (of leaving the house with no makeup!) after ongoing trouble with my skin all thanks to TASC. I have trialed and tested a few treatments at TASC that have all been done with precision and profession. I appreciate the advice and opinions of your knowledgeable staff. It’s nice to know you truly want to help in achieving results for your clients and their satisfaction".

Athina Sitch

"Well, were do I begin on the positives! I discovered The Asthetic Skin Clinic about 1 year ago ,  when I moved to greater Geelong area from Melbourne.  Someone had recommended me to this clinic and what a pleasure it has been.  Maddison and her staff are all amazing.  Wether it be Maddison or any other team member doing my laser hair removal,  I confidently know I am in good hands. They are all lovely and welcoming.  I always feel comfortable and they make me feel so. Prices are just amazingly affordable and the service is fantastic.  Well done Maddison,  you have done yourself so well. Your clinic is beautiful inside , walking into a beautiful presented and amazing aroma (there's always a nice candle lit) and the service and team are great! I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! They are fabulous!!".

Rebecca Watson

"I went into TASC thinking the worst of the worst like there was nothing that would fix my bumps on my skin, nothing that could bring back some confidence in myself. Hannah at TASC completely changed that, she understood me so well and I was so impressed and pleased with her knowledge on what I needed to do to get rid of the bumps and how to look after my skin with certain products. Girls at TASC you guys made me feel beautiful again, my skin has been glowing and I've never felt more confident not wearing makeup".

Anna Burger

"I have always been a waxer, and quite sceptical of laser treatment in regards to the pain, and how well it would work for me considering I am quite blonde. The girls were extremely reassuring, checked in with me regularly during my first few treatments to make sure I wasn't in any pain. They were extremely professional regarding 'delicate' areas and made me feel completely at ease. There was also no pressure to push through and continue on with treatment if my hair was going to be too fine for the laser to work; they explained the possible outcomes of laser for me, and if the procedure didn't work for my hair type, what other options I could try; without trying to push me into repeating treatments for $$$. overall I have been extremely happy with TASC - I have recommended the clinic to many of my friends that are new to Geelong, and will continue to do so".

Caity Aldridge

"TASC has transformed my skin and it’s never been so clear, fresh and glowing. I have been visiting for over 2 years for regular skin treatments with Tanniele and I completely trust her and her knowledge and advice from the results I have had. I always get complemented on my skin, and regularly don’t wear makeup due to my skin looking so healthy! I’ve even been recruited as a DMK fan and use all their products for my skin routine"!

Olivia Nicholls

“I love coming into the Aesthetic Skin Clinic to see the friendly team who each welcome me so kindly. They are all so educated on the products they sell (and the ones they don’t sell; the dos and donts of skin care!!) and can tell me what products are best for my skin, even if they might not be the most expensive of their range. Shay and Shauna have been great in following up with me personally to see how my skin is feeling and if I have any questions which is always reassuring that they genuinely care about me and my skin. I’d definitely recommend TASC to anyone debating which business to consult on their skin, waxing or any other product. Thank you!”

Pamela Rabahi

"The staff there are so friendly and accommodating! Each experience has always been a pleasure. My mum and I have been going to TASC since it opened and we have never looked back. I am so happy with the results I've been seeing from laser hair removal, I will definitely be going there for years to come. Each and every single one of the staff members have such a delightful personality and a positive attitude, which definitely adds to the experience".

Natalie Takle

"I have been trying everything to clear up my hormonal breakouts for the last 8 months having visited two other skin clinics and trying every product and diet change possible with no luck. I thought I would give TASC a go after seeing some amazing results in other patients and can honestly say that after just one visit to TASC I have seen quite a big improvement in my skin already! Can't wait for my next session!".

Kiara Dunn

"I’ve been coming to The Aesthetic Skin Clinic since it first opened for laser hair removal. Before laser I used to wax and would get extremely painful ingrown hairs and horrible scaring. I’ve had roughly 8 sessions over the past year and I have practically zero growth in all areas and absolutely no ingrown hairs or scaring left. The girls here make you feel so comfortable and provide the most amazing service".

Renee Gellion

"Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing service and results! I began laser hair removal earlier this year and have noticed a huge difference, have had no side effects like I do with waxing etc and it's a really affordable price. All the girls are lovely and make you feel welcome!"

Carla Finch

Having spider veins in my legs left me feeling insecure and wanting to keep them covered. Thanks to the aesthetic skin clinic and their consultation and treatments, the spider veins are no longer visible and I now have more confidence and am much happier with my body! Cannot thank you enough!".

Bethany Clamp

"I began visiting the clinic in early 2017, when I had decided it was time to start investing in a good skin care regimen. I always had relatively clear skin, but like anyone else I could see little details here and there that I really wanted to work on. Previously visiting one clinic prior, I was left feeling a little lost on what to do and felt no true guidance was given. After some research I fell upon the TASC girls and boy am I glad I did! Their knowledge is second to none and they truly have their clients best interests at the forefront of that they do. I feel so comfortable with the girls and the advice they give.  My skin has improved and so has my knowledge and awareness of how quality skincare is so important". 

Maree Brooke Lester

"A big thank you to the girls @ TASC for your valid advice and recommendations.You all provide such amazing services! I began laser hair removal late last year (2017) and already am noticing a difference with my hair growth. I have recently started skin treatments - super effective, affordable & I’m seeing great improvements. It’s always made to be such a comfortable experience. If you want to see results - I highly recommend!".

Emily Cowley

"I absolutely love TASC & have recommended it to so many of my friends & family now. I’ve been having laser hair removal with amazing results & am now working on clearing my skin ✨ After 2 weeks of prescribed at home care my skin has improved in texture & is clearer than it has been in years! I honestly didn’t think I was meant to have such nice skin but it is possible 💕 I am so excited to continue my skin treatments with the girls & wouldn’t go anywhere else - I am TASCaddicted now 😜".

Casey Pearce (Belle With Love) 

"It’s been a bumpy road for my skin & I, but I now have the confidence to be natural & make up free. I have a better understanding of what my skin needs, thanks to the AMAZING girls at TASC through treatments & advice. TASC babes have a wealth of knowledge & are beautiful inside & out. A visit to TASC always adds a little bit of luxury to my day".

Jessica Campbell

" My experience with the Aesthetic Skin Clinic has been completely positive. I've had many laser treatments on my Brazilian and underarm areas with really fantastic results! I would undoubtedly rate the clinic 5/5 stars. Great work girls keep it up!".

Emma Grant

"The first time I went to TASC I was blown away with how cute the office was, the girls were all so lovely and made the experience getting laser very easy and minimised any stress. I was a little nervous as I heard it was a little painful but the girls put me right at ease. The results from getting laser have also been amazing! I wish i started having laser years ago!".

Anisa Khozoui

"I love the team at TASC. I have experienced a few clinicians for my different treatments there and each one of them were lovely, professional and most importantly they really know there stuff! Would highly recommend coming to TASC for all your skin treatment and hair removal needs".

Ashley Hall

"The Aesthetic Skin clinic is a life saver for me. Being young and constantly in bikinis and singlet tops is hard trying to stay fuzz free.I found The Aesthetic Skin Clinic when they had a sale, and my life has never been better! The clinic itself is a gorgeous escape from reality and the busy city outside, where you are completely looked after. TASC girls are professional and compassionate, well presented and seriously dedicated to client satisfaction. There’s been plenty of times where they’ve gone above and beyond to schedule me in and always provide medical grade treatment. I feel valued in this clinic and can’t get enough of their products!".

Kaylah Fantella

"I had such an amazing experience at the aesthetic skin clinic! I have been so self conscious lately with the breakout which my skin has had! I had an appointment with Renee who was amazing, She had so much knowledge and was so in depth when explaining all the different ways I could go about fixing my skin! I walked away so excited about the journey ahead and can’t wait to see the results"!

Maddison Bennett

"I have been visiting the Aesthetic Skin Clinic for almost two years now, receiving laser hair removal, and I have never looked back! I was so nervous at my initial consultation, the idea of laser was really confronting and I was so scared, but the girls honestly made me feel like I was in the best hands. Their comfort and reassurance was beyond expectation and I walked out of my first appointment one happy girl! I actually couldn’t wait for my next one! Two years later and it’s the best thing I’ve done. I just love the beautiful clinic and the girls are always so welcoming. It is also so easy to book or change my appointment around my busy schedule xxx".

Alana Hately

"I've been going to TASC since I moved to Geelong in early 2017 for laser hair removal and a variety of skin treatments and I can genuinely say that it is by far the best skin clinic I have ever been to! I've even got friends who travel from Ballarat to see them!  My work schedule can make it difficult to find time for appointments but the girls have always been super patient and understanding whilst helping me find a time that works for me.  All the girls at TASC are so lovely and have made me feel very comfotable during all of my treatments. They're also very knowledgeable on their products and treatments and do a great job of suggesting the best treatments for your skin whilst keeping your budget in mind. Thanks for the awesome service and great prices! 😘".

Olivia Brandimiti

"I visited The Aesthetic Skin Clinic 5 months ago super excited and extremely nervous to get dermal filler in my lips. I met Bianca and immediately my nerves were put to rest. She conducts herself not only professionally but also at the same level as you; by this I mean she explains everything in terms you will understand she doesn’t make you feel silly for being nervous and respects it is a big decision to make alterations to your face! As for the results, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to get lip filler! My lips look healthy, hydrated and full, I wanted to avoid them looking super fake and unnatural. I have sent serval friends to visit Bianca at The Aesthetic Skin Clinic all just as pleased with their experience and results! For anyone who’s nervous about trying dermal filler, you will be in safe hands with Bianca and the entire team at The Aesthetic Skin Clinic. Their passion is demonstrated through the high quality of their results and repeat customers like myself! Xxxx".

Ellie James

"I’m so in love with my new lips! I had never had lip fillers or any other kind of injectables before, but Bianca did such an amazing job at explaining the process for me and put my mind at ease. I have had so many compliments on how natural and pretty they look! I had minimal bruising and swelling and I’m so so happy with the end result! Would definitely recommend Bianca to anybody wishing to enhance their lips."