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ONDA Body Sculpting

ONDA Coolwaves is the next generation of body sculpting for fat destruction, cellulite improve and skin tightening. Using patented microwave technology, ONDA reduces localized adiposities all over the body, in particular, the abdomen, thighs, hips, arms and submittal area.

ONDA Body Sculpting is suitable for all clients concerned with fat, cellulite and skin laxity. An initial consultation and assessment are required prior to going ahead with treatment (this can be done on the same day) to ensure you are a suitable candidate.
ONDA is the first of its kind on the market. It utilises an energy source that can simultaneously target fat, cellulite and lax skin. Microwaves have been used in medicine for a long time however the difference with microwaves used in ONDA is their frequency at 2.45GHz. The skin is almost “transparent”, allowing the easy passage of energy which is then specifically concentrated in the sub-dermal fat layers. The upper layers of the skin are protected from any heat with an integrated cooling mechanism. For this reason, the microwaves ONDA works with are called Coolwaves. Once the energy waves reach the fat cells, they produce painless but irreversible damage to the cell membranes. This causes leakage of fat from the cells into the interstitial space, where both the fat and the debris from the damaged membranes are drained out through the body natural lymphatic system.
For many patients, results are seen in the first 1 session however it is more usual to start seeing results in the 2nd and 3rd session.
We suggest treatments to be done every 4 weeks. This time in between allows the lymphatic system to drain away the free far and cellular debris that has been produced in the treatment area.
We generally suggest a course of 3-4 sessions for optimal results. Every patient may vary.
No. ONDA is not a weight loss device. It is purely for localised areas of fat, cellulite and lax skin however It can be used in conjunction with your weight loss plan to help your results.
There is very mild downtime associated with the treatment. You may experience very milk swelling or flushed pink skin in the treatment area for up to 48 hours post-treatment.
People are often concerned about whether microwaves are safe. Different from a microwave oven, the microwaves emitted by ONDA are highly controlled. The microwaves by ONDA are not free-range; they have a very precise depth of action and to avoid any random, uncontrolled transmission in the body. No organs or tissues other than the targeted fat and lower skin layers are touched by the microwaves. This makes ONDA cool waves a very safe treatment.
To get the best results from your treatment, we advise that you avoid any moisturiser on the treatment area for 48hours prior to each session. If the skin is dry, it allows for an easier passage of the cool waves through to the target subnormal fat layer. To assist with lymphatic drainage, you should drink an additional 1 litre of water per day on your treatment day and on the day before and after your treatment.
We charge $250 per treatment zone area. A treatment zone area is 15cm X 15cm. For the sub-mental area, we charge $150. Packages are available*.