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Exclusive Clinical Facials

At The Aesthetic Skin Clinic we tailor our exclusive clinical facials to suit your specific skin condition and concerns working with our medical grade and pharmaceutical grade skin care ranges to help you achieve a healthy radiant skin. Our clinical facials can help to improve hydration, irritation and redness, rosacea, acne, uneven tones, pigmentation, fine lines and dryness.

Our exclusive clinical facials are suitable for all skin types and conditions
Our Lira Conditioning Clinical Facial and our iSClinical Fire & Ice Facial
You will notice results instantly after your treatment. The skin will look healthy and hydrated and feel very smooth. Results in terms of correcting specific skin conditions will be seen after each treatment in a series of treatments.
Depending on your current skin condition, treatments may vary from 2-4 weeks and follow-up treatments can be 6-8 weekly for a healthy skin maintenance routine.
There is very minimal downtime associated with these treatments.
No pre and post-care is necessary for these treatments however, we always suggest a good skincare routine to maintain healthy skin and prolong your treatment results.
$159 - $279