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DermaSweep MD

DermaSweep MD involves a special resurfacing technique that has one of a kind patented bristle tips that lift away the top layer of the skin. This increases micro-circulation, oxygenation, blood flow whilst deeply cleansing the pores and removes dead cell build up. Cutting-edge medical grade ingredients are simultaneously infused into the skin to target many skin concerns and conditions. Superior ingredients such as growth factors, peptides, vitamins and acids.

With our DermaSweep MD device we can effectively treat acne, congestion, uneven skin tones and texture, and some forms of pigmentation.
Using patented bristle tips, the DermaSweep MD lifts away dead epidermal cell material whilst creating micro-circulation and oxygen flow throughout the skin. The second step uses infuses cutting edge medical grade ingredients simultaneously into the skin to target specific skin concerns and conditions.
You will notice results instantly after your treatment. The skin will look healthy and hydrated and feel very smooth. Results in term of correcting specific skin conditions will be seen after each treatment in a series of treatments.
Depending on your current skin condition, treatments may vary from 2-4 weeks and follow up treatments can be 6-8 weekly for a healthy skin maintenance routine.
There is very minimal downtime associated with this treatment. Immediately post treatment the skin will appear flushed or red and this will calm down within a few hours to a hydrated glow. Some infusions for acne and pigmentation may result in mild peeling 3 days post treatment, whilst others that are designed for hydration and barrier repair will have no downtime.
No pre and post care is necessary for this treatment however, we always suggest a good skin care routine to maintain healthy skin and prolong your treatment results. Some premium infusions will require a pigment inhibitor, hydrator and SPF.
$185 - $219