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Cellulite is a common yet harmless condition present in both males and females. It is characterised by a dimpling, rough surfaced appearance on the skin which becomes more prevalent when the skin is forcibly pushed or squashed. This is a result of an alteration to the venous and lymphatic system that slows down the flow of blood resulting in the retention of water between the fat cells. Cellulite is a multi-factorial condition which involves genetic, constitutional, hormonal and vascular causes and can be aggravated by bad eating and lifestyle habits, stress, tight clothing and high-healed shoes, intestinal disorders, hepatic disease and posture disorders. Cellulite can be treated using the non-invasive Onda device. The ONDA Coolwaves technology heats the connective tissue, breaking the collagen fibres that connect the skin to the subcutaneous layer. This results in an opening of the blockages allowing the lymphatic system to flow effectively and therefore, reducing the “orange-peel” effect. Multiple treatments are required to achieve best results and a consultation is mandatory prior to all treatments to ensure the client is the right candidate for the treatment.

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