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Blackheads, Congestion & Enlarged Pores

In most cases these concerns can all be linked together, generally it all comes back to an impaired barrier causing dehydration and leading to excessive oil flow to compensate for the the loss of barrier function. This in turn will cause the pores to enlarge to let more oil flow onto the skin. However if the oil is of poor quality such as being thick and sticky it will not allow the oil to flow freely onto the skin causing congestion within the pores. We have different types of congestion such as closed comedones and open comedones. In Open comedones the oil becomes oxidised due to environmental influences and forms a blackhead. Closed comedones do not have an opening and normally stay under the surface of the skin as white heads. I’m addition to this, congestion and blackheads can also be due to incorrect product use and comedogenic makeup products. Your therapist will take a look at your home routine and be able to determine the possible causes of the concern. Other factors such as hormones, stress and lifestyle will also play a role in blackheads and congestion. The treatment options are endless for these concerns, your therapist will always prescribe a home care routine tailored to your needs and work on repairing your barrier first to improve the quality of the oil or remove the possible comedogenic products from your current routine. Extractions are also key when dealing with congestion and blackheads to get things moving out of the skin, your therapist will always include this option in any treatment modality to ensure best you get the best results.

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