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Aging is inevitable, Like every other organ in the body the skin ages. Aging can be described as a degenerative process whereby the function, structure and appearance of the skin is affected. The structural and functional integrity of the skin is formed primarily by collagen and elastin and as we age these processes slow down due to either intrinsic or extrinsic factors. Intrinsic aging is genetically programmed taking place over time and involves gradual degradation. it can be identified by thinning of the skin, fine lines, dryness, laxity and vascular irregularities.Extrinsic aging, also known as premature aging is due to environmental factors such as sun exposure, pollution, diet and smoking. Extrinsic aging will present with loss of volume (atrophic skin), deep wrinkles, leathery appearance, pigmentation, age spots, damaged capillaries and vascular malformations. At TASC there are a variety of treatment options to treat the above.

Suitable Treatments