Remove unwanted freckles, sun spots, sun damage and pigmentation effectively with our medical grade alexandrite laser, leaving you with an overall clearer and brighter complexion.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

Laser Pigmentation removal is suitable for pigmented lesions, sun spots and aged spots, uneven tones and freckles. The treatment is best performed for lighter caucasian skin types. The procedure will improve the appearance of:

  • Pigmentation and uneven tones

  • Freckles

  • Sun Spots on the face and body

Is the procedure painful?

Patients will experience a warm flick of heat against the skin with a light cooling of air. Post treatment clients can feel as if their skin is slightly sunburnt and can experience mild redness however this subsides within 24hours.

Is there any downtime after the treatment?

Pigmented lesions that have been treated will instantly appear darker and can form some mild flaking. The pigmented spots that have been treated will flake off over the next week. This can be covered with mineral make-up. Sun exposure is to be avoided throughout the downtime with an SPF to protect your skin and your results. 

When will I notice results?

Results being seen after one treatment of pigment removal with our lasers is to be expected. Maintenance of pigmentation will always be needed.

Will my pigmentation return?

As successful as our results are with our laser procedures, we would never guarantee that your pigment will be gone forever. It can be stimulated by heat, sun exposure and hormonal factors. We tackle the pigmentation from all angles by ensuring the corrective skincare is always being used whilst undergoing treatment.

How many sessions will I need?

Laser pigmentation removal results can be seen in one-three treatments however depending on your type and depth of pigmentation multiple sessions may be required. Maintenance treatments may be recommended in your initial skin consultation.