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At The Aesthetic Skin Clinic, our highly skilled skin clinicians will assess your skin in a unique way and tailor a treatment plan suitable for you to help achieve your ultimate skin goals. Whether it be rosacea, acne or sensitivity, our skin clinicians are able to guide you and educate you on what skin condition you may be dealing with, why it is happening and get to the core root of the problem.

Skin laxity involves relaxation of the dermal, epidermal and subcutaneous layers as a result of loss of muscle mass and reduced collagen and elastin tissue in addition to fat loss. This is often due to reduced physical activity, dietary imbalances, ageing, sun-damage and excessive and rapid weight loss eg, post pregnancy. Skin laxity can be treated using the non-invasive Onda device. The ONDA Coolwaves technology heats the connective tissue causing a tightening and contraction of the collagen fibres resulting in a tighter more toned appearance in the tissue. A series of the these treatments are required for best results and a consultation is mandatory prior to all treatments to ensure the client is the right candidate for the treatment. View More
Cellulite is a common yet harmless condition present in both males and females. It is characterised by a dimpling, rough surfaced appearance on the skin which becomes more prevalent when the skin is forcibly pushed or squashed. This is a result of an alteration to the venous and lymphatic system that slows down the flow of blood resulting in the retention of water between the fat cells. Cellulite is a multi-factorial condition which involves genetic, constitutional, hormonal and vascular causes and can be aggravated by bad eating and lifestyle habits, stress, tight clothing and high-healed shoes, intestinal disorders, hepatic disease and posture disorders. Cellulite can be treated using the non-invasive Onda device. The ONDA Coolwaves technology heats the connective tissue, breaking the collagen fibres that connect the skin to the subcutaneous layer. This results in an opening of the blockages allowing the lymphatic system to flow effectively and therefore, reducing the “orange-peel” effect. Multiple treatments are required to achieve best results and a consultation is mandatory prior to all treatments to ensure the client is the right candidate for the treatment. View More
Localised fat deposits occur when there has been an increased volume of adipocytes (fat cells) in areas that fat deposits are naturally present. Localised fat deposits are most commonly found on the sides of the hips, buttocks, thighs, the inner side of the knee in females and the love handles in males. These areas are often stubborn pockets of fat that tend to be unresponsive to diet and exercise regimes. At The Aesthetic Skin Clinic we utilise the non-invasive Onda device to safely and successfully reduce localised pockets of fat. The treatment involves the use of ONDA Coolwaves (microwave technology) to selectively target and heat the fat cells to the point of destruction which is then flushed out through the lymphatic system. The treatment must be performed in a series and a consultation is necessary to determine whether the individual is the right candidate. View More
Acne varies in severity and more often than not will effect most people at some point in their lives whether its experiencing pubescent acne or adult acne later down the track. It typically involves 4 key processes: excess oil production, high cell turnover, abnormal skin shedding and the presence of bacteria. These abnormalities often result in inflammation within the skin and the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, cysts and/or nodules. There are multiple factors that can contribute to acne such as incorrect product use, makeup, hormonal imbalances, stress, diet and lifestyle. When treating acne we aim to look at the person as a whole and will often work alongside other health professionals to ensure we can get the best outcome for the client. At TASC we offer an array of treatment options for acne however, the treatment plan will vary depending of the severity. View More
As a result of acne, many individuals are left with visible scarring as a result of trauma to the skin. Acne scarring ranges from superficial reddish or purple marks and white spots to deep and visible ‘ice pick” indentations in the skin. There can be a loss of volume beneath the skin and premature laxity or folds in the skin. The Aesthetic Skin Clinic is able to offer a wide range of effective treatment options to help combat acne scarring and reduce the visible appearance of the scars and skin indentations. If we can tackle the acne early enough we may be able to help prevent the scarring formation. View More
In most cases these concerns can all be linked together, generally it all comes back to an impaired barrier causing dehydration and leading to excessive oil flow to compensate for the the loss of barrier function. This in turn will cause the pores to enlarge to let more oil flow onto the skin. However if the oil is of poor quality such as being thick and sticky it will not allow the oil to flow freely onto the skin causing congestion within the pores. We have different types of congestion such as closed comedones and open comedones. In Open comedones the oil becomes oxidised due to environmental influences and forms a blackhead. Closed comedones do not have an opening and normally stay under the surface of the skin as white heads. I’m addition to this, congestion and blackheads can also be due to incorrect product use and comedogenic makeup products. Your therapist will take a look at your home routine and be able to determine the possible causes of the concern. Other factors such as hormones, stress and lifestyle will also play a role in blackheads and congestion. The treatment options are endless for these concerns, your therapist will always prescribe a home care routine tailored to your needs and work on repairing your barrier first to improve the quality of the oil or remove the possible comedogenic products from your current routine. Extractions are also key when dealing with congestion and blackheads to get things moving out of the skin, your therapist will always include this option in any treatment modality to ensure best you get the best results. View More
Pigmentation is extremely common and presents itself in many different ways from freckles to melasma. Pigment can be genetic or due to external factors such as excessive sun exposure or trauma to the skin. Internally driven pigmentation is most commonly seen from certain medications like the contraceptive pill or post pregnancy. Each type of pigmentation has a different pathway of formation therefore, treatment options will vary. When treating any form of pigmentation there are non-negotiable products that will protect the skin from further UV damage and assist with shifting superficial pigment. You could expect your skin therapist to prescribe a pigment inhibitor and an SPF as a bare minimum. View More
Makeup isn’t going on as easily as it once did? Do products just feel like they are not working effectively? At least once in our life, we have hit a dull period when we don’t feel as bright or fresh in one’s skin. This can be due to many factors, cell turnover can become compromised over time if we suffer any dysfunctions within the skin. Hydration is always key for healthy skin, meaning healthy skin cells. Sometimes using strong exfoliating products regularly to remove that texture or a strong vitamin A just won’t cut it to correct these concerns of unevenness and texture. If our skin is programmed to function inadequately this problem will always reoccur. At TASC we offer an evaluation to rule out contributing factors to this concern as well as advising a corrective program to fit your needs. View More
Another form of pigmentation is melasma. A hormonal type of pigmentation that presents itself in dark patches on the face. This can be stimulated by pregnancy, the contraceptive pill and much more. We can treat melasma very effectively with different treatments however it is controlled by what is happening internally so maintenance is always needed to attain long term results. View More
Rosacea is a multifactorial chronic inflammatory skin condition characterised by redness, flushing, dilated capillaries, sensitivity, dryness and swelling. In more severe cases papules, pustules, eye lesions and thickening of the nose can occur. These present on the skin due to reactive oxygen species causing a degenerative effect on collagen and elastin, persistent exposure to vasodilators such as coffee, alcohol and spicy foods and lastly, UV exposure damaging collagen and elastin and further effecting the skins barrier function providing the perfect environment for opportunistic pathogens to invade the skin. There are many different contributors to rosacea such as, immune, genetic, environmental and microbiological factors, which will be further discussed with your therapist during your skin consultation. All treatments are accompanied by a home prescription tailored to your skin. View More
It is also very common for many individuals to suffer from impaired skin barriers. An impaired barrier can be recognised as sensitivity, reactions, dehydration, excessive oil flow, dryness etc. When treating the skin we must repair the skin barrier to a healthy state. This then allows for us to start treating further skin concerns and allowing for optimal ingredient up take by skin cells. View More
Many people suffer from redness in the face commonly termed rosacea. Symptoms can range from a generalised redness and facial flushing, to the development of painful pustules and visible broken vessels. With the cause being a variety of stimulants like temperature, bacteria, chemicals and stress, it is difficult to pinpoint each individual cause. The symptoms however can be significantly reduced with an individualised treatment plan. View More
Aging is inevitable, Like every other organ in the body the skin ages. Aging can be described as a degenerative process whereby the function, structure and appearance of the skin is affected. The structural and functional integrity of the skin is formed primarily by collagen and elastin and as we age these processes slow down due to either intrinsic or extrinsic factors. Intrinsic aging is genetically programmed taking place over time and involves gradual degradation. it can be identified by thinning of the skin, fine lines, dryness, laxity and vascular irregularities.Extrinsic aging, also known as premature aging is due to environmental factors such as sun exposure, pollution, diet and smoking. Extrinsic aging will present with loss of volume (atrophic skin), deep wrinkles, leathery appearance, pigmentation, age spots, damaged capillaries and vascular malformations. At TASC there are a variety of treatment options to treat the above. View More
At The Aesthetic Skin Clinic our lasers are able to treat all hair and skin types. All individuals require different treatment regimes, so it is important that your clinician can create and advise an individualised treatment plan. Hair shafts are selectively removed with the laser with minimum side effects when performed by a skilled clinician. Your highly experienced clinician will assess your skin and hair type before selecting the most suitable hair removal parameters for you. The integrated cooling device we have with our lasers minimises discomfort significantly to protect and cool the skin throughout the treatment. View More
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Enhancing one’s natural facial features with dermal fillers. Performed by our nurse practitioner with over 18 years’ experience creates a natural looking result suitable to everyone’s lip shape and desires. Dermal fillers can be used to smooth out fine lines around the oral area and to add volume, this treatment can also prevent lipstick to ‘bleeding’ into the small lines around the lips creating an even, plump & more defined pout. A comfortable procedure with immediate results, patients are to expect minimal to no downtime. View More
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